Relays with forcibly guided contacts and encoders

The ELESTA GmbH from Bad Ragaz is the leading producer in the field of relays with forcibly guided contacts. We are a very innovative and dynamic company, that develops, produces and distributes our products for safety applications worldwide. As an innovation leader in this field we constantly looking for custom solutions for your requirement.

The roots

Our roots are going back to middle of the last century. Since then the ELESTA is producing relays at Bad Ragaz, in the Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland. In 1997 the ELESTA relays GmbH was founded as a producer for relays with forcibly guided contacts. In 2013 a new business field Sensors was introduced, with focus on miniature encoders, and the name was changed to ELESTA GmbH

The characteristics of forcibly guided relays

The characteristic of these electro-mechanical relays is the special contact preparation according to the EN50205 norm, this contact preparation garantuees that Closer and Opener, even during malfunction, never could be closed at the same time.

The fields of application of relays with forcibly guided contacts

Relays with forcibly guided contacts are usually used in controls for functional safety, that means they are used in any case where the life and body of mankind need to be safed. Because of "Safety Relays" the load and the monitoring circuit can be easily connected in safety controls. A hight degree of diagnoses overlap and high reliability predestine the relays with forcibly guided contacts for use in machine and plant construction, as well as in process, in medical devices, in elevator controls or in railway engineering, to name just a few.

Our wide range of safety relays and relays with forcibly guided contacts

17 relay lines with 2 to 10 contacts are bulding the basis of various variants. Switching currents starting at 5mA up to 16 A are coverd as well as excitation voltages from 3 VDC to 220 VDC. Due to the usage of newest raw materials and new developed contact systems, our relays guarantee system availability above range. Energy effeciency relay drives and enviormental materials support our ecological conrol design.

Relays with forcibly guided contacts tailored to your needs

Customer benefits means, that our relays are tailored to our customers. Our offered options carry from coil adjustments to coded Contacts with special relay drives. This includes variations on the specific standard requirements, such as EN 50155 (Railway Applications). Such individual solutions are developed in close dialogue with the customer. Due to that reliabilty and expert adivce is naturally.

Innovation is just one of our strengths

Innovation is our driving force. The great experience, ongoing training and close cooperation with research institutions and suppliers, as well as active participation in technical committees and standardization enable early implementation of new technologies and market demands in future-oriented products.

The ELESTA GmbH and the principle of LEAN

Every single part of the ELESTA GmbH company operates according to the LEAN Concept. Clear structures can not just be found in our „Green Factory“, which gets by without any fossile fuels, but also in our processes, at which we always set higher standards as the EN ISO 9001:2008 demands. Highest product quality, Availability and service quality are the three pillars of our company, with which our employees identify themselfes above average.

Relays with forcibly guided contacts needs confidence - You can rely on us

Relays with forcibly guided contacts needs confidence. We will gladly face this responsibility and prove that you can count on us.
If you have any questions you can count on our staff, that will competently advise you in every situation according to relays with forcibly guided contacts. We are looking forward to future cooperations.